SUEMA 2010 program

SUEMA 2010 Proceedings

14.00-15:30 First session:

PASCAL2 invited talk:
Grigorios Tsoumakas, Ensemble Methods for Multi-Label Data

  • Benjamin Schowe and Katharina Morik, Fast-Ensembles of Minimum Redundancy Feature Selection
  • Rakkrit Duangsoithong and Terry Windeatt, Hybrid Correlation and Causal Feature Selection for Ensemble Classifiers
  • Haytham Elghazel and Alex Aussem, Feature Selection for Unsupervised Learning using Random Cluster Ensembles

15:30-16.00 Poster session:

  • Pierluigi Casale, Oriol Pujol, and Petia Radeva, Embedding Random Projections in Regularized Gradient Boosting Machines
  • Haytham Elghazel, Alex Aussem, and Florence Perraud, Trading-off diversity and accuracy for optimal ensemble tree selection in random forests
  • R.S.Smith and T.Windeatt, Facial Action Unit Recognition using Filtered Local Binary Pattern Features with Bootstrapped and Weighted ECOC Classifiers
  • A. Rozza, G. Lombardi, M. Re, E. Casiraghi, and G. Valentini, DDAG K-TIPCAC: an ensemble method for protein subcellular localization
  • Carlos Pardo, Juan J. Rodr.guez, Jose' F. Diez-Pastor, and Cesar Garc.a-Osorio, Random Oracles for Regression Ensembles

16.00-17:30 Second session:

  • Houtao Deng, Saylisse Davila, George Runger, Eugene Tuv, Learning Markov Blankets for Continuous or Discrete Networks via Feature Selection
  • Cemre Zor, Terry Windeatt and Berrin Yanikoglu, Bias-Variance Analysis of ECOC and Bagging Using Neural Nets
  • Miguel Angel Bautista, Xavier Baro', Oriol Pujol, Petia Radeva, Jordi Vitria', and Sergio Escalera, Compact Evolutive Design of Error-Correcting Output Codes
  • Stefano Ceccon, David Garway-Heath, David Crabb, and Allan Tucker, Combining Expertise-Driven and Semi-Supervised Bayesian Networks for Classification of Early Glaucoma
  • Giuliano Armano and Nima Hatami, Hierarchical Mixture of Random Prototype-based Experts
  • Indre' Zliobaite, Three Data Partitioning Strategies for Building Local Classifiers: an experiment